숲의 책, 책의 숲

BOOKS 2015.03.27 08:37

Today I got this letter from Diptyque.

My address on the envelope was handwritten, but my surprise didn't end there.

The entire letter was handwritten, not typed..

Somebody even drew a ribbon and decorated the letter.

I don't know how to react. Should I feel touched that they wrote me this handwritten letter and a small frangrant strip? or should I feel sympathetic that they have to send all the customers handwritten letters? :(


JOURNAL 2012.10.15 17:57

눈스퀘어 닥터 로빈인가.. 거기서 먹은 크림수프 스파게티가 생각나네-.-

사진은 저렇게 국물 한가득 별볼일 없어보여도 맛이 나쁘진 않다 ㅋ

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